Atlas Copco helps to reduce Green House Gas Emissions in marine sector

London based Silverstream Technologies partners with Atlas Copco ZS oil-free screw blowers for its innovative fuel saving air lubrication technology for ocean-going vessels.

The enormous energy required to power large cruise ships and merchant vessels means, as shipping companies or ship designers ,you are always looking for ways to reduce fuel costs. One recent innovation, incorporating Atlas Copco’s air compressor and blower technology, has been ‘air lubrication’ to reduce hull drag and improve efficiency. Silverstream Technologies is the first company to evidence fuel savings using their patented Silverstream® System.

The air lubrication system employed by Silverstream uses a series of carefully positioned air release units (ARU) on the ship’s hull near the bow, which then creates a carpet of micro-bubbles. This carpet reduces drag, minimizing the amount of fuel required to propel the vessel forward.

Designated as an ‘innovative technology’ within the International Maritime Organisation’s Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI), the Silverstream® system is seen by many as integral to the future of shipping by reducing Green House Gas emissions. Read the full article

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Silverstream Technologies is proud to be a founding member of the Global Industry Alliance.

The GIA partners will, in collaboration with IMO, collectively identify and develop innovative solutions to address and support low carbon shipping.

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