Technology Solution

Vision, Mission, Values

The core values that underpin our business


A fully transformed global shipping industry that has cemented its path to net zero emissions, supported by proven clean technologies like the Silverstream® System. ​

As the Air Lubrication System market leader, we will be a catalyst that powers a huge transformation in shipping’s energy efficiency practices. Across newbuild, retrofit and lifetime optimisation, Silverstream will be seen as the ‘go to partner’ of choice within shipping. ​

We will also be known for our culture and our service, for consistently presenting ourselves as an open, progressive and dynamic team who deliver on their promises. We will be able to look back with pride on having steered the shipping industry to a greener, more sustainable future.


So, what does this mean? To deliver this progressive kind of future for shipping requires clinical focus, and for Silverstream, always staying true to our values and what we believe in: ​

To tell the truth without deviation; ​

To work with the best without compromise; ​

To set the standard without equal.  ​

We will continue to work with the best in the industry to ensure the adoption of our market-leading solution. We will do so without ever compromising on our core values of proving our efficiency savings.​

As we scale globally, we will become a pivotal, long term innovation partner to shipping companies who want to create a more sustainable and profitable future. We will further establish our reputation as a dynamic maritime clean technology company through the application of our proven, fuel-agnostic system, our expert team and our burgeoning data science team.


Truthful ​

We are uncompromising in our pursuit of proving the benefits of the Silverstream System® and we want to help dispel scepticism in shipping’s clean technology market. Our historical commitment to proving the viability of air lubrication, from our pioneering sea trials with Shell, Lloyd’s Register and HVSA, through to today’s many commercial installations, is the founding principle of all of our work, from innovation and system creation through to our engineering pedigree.  ​

 ​Radical ​

Shipping’s challenges need bold solutions. We led this charge with a new way of thinking about efficiency, demonstrating to the market that proven clean technologies will help an industry facing economic uncertainty and a complex energy transition. We know that our technology is radical which has aided our exponential growth in recent years. It also enables us to remain flexible and to scale our solution on a fleet-wide basis for the industry’s leading players.  ​

Visionary ​

By working with the best partners to help the shipping industry improve its efficiency standards and sustainability we will have a positive, tangible impact on the world. Together, we share in shipping’s journey towards decarbonisation, helping to prove that innovative ideas, radical thinking and world-class engineering expertise can generate both systemic environmental change, but also unlock profitability through considerable fuel savings.