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Bursting the bubble on underwater radiated noise | Ship Technology

23rd January 2024

At the recent Marine Environment Protection Committee meeting (MEPC 80), the International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted crucial guidelines for the reduction of underwater radiated noise (URN) from commercial shipping to address the harmful impacts on the critical life functions of a wide range of marine life.

For example, whales, dolphins, seals, and millions of other underwater species rely on sound for communication, navigation and hunting, which URN from ships can interfere with. 
The guidelines, which came into effect on 1 August 2023, include updated technical knowledge and references to international measurement standards, recommendations, and classification society rules – such as those from BIMCO. They also provide sample templates to assist shipowners with the development of a URN management plan.

Air lubrication technology can reduce underwater noise

Air lubrication technology can be an effective part of the URN management and mitigation plan. This is Silverstream Technologies’ conclusion based on the findings of a whitepaper titled ‘Ship Hull Air Lubrication: Aspects of Cavitation, Underwater Radiated Noise, and Propulsion.’ Conducted by Professor John Carlton – fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Professor of Marine Engineering at the University of London – the research analysed how air bubbles can reduce the radiation of underwater noise...

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