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Air lubrication can help mitigate underwater radiated noise | SMI

10th January 2024

In its recent World Maritime Day theme, the IMO highlighted the importance of reducing URN (Underwater Radiated Noise) to conserve the marine ecosystem. In the latest issue of Ship Management International, Silverstream’s Lead Hydrodyanamicist, Arno Dubois explores this topic further, specifically, the effect of air lubrication technology on URN. 

Dubois refers to a recent whitepaper titled ‘Ship Hull Air Lubrication: Aspects of Cavitation, Underwater Radiated Noise and Propulsion’ developed by Professor John Carlton in his article, which has analysed how air bubbles can potentially reduce URN. It is Silverstream’s interpretation that the Silverstream® System will reduce the impact of URN emissions, both from the hull and the propeller, alongside its established greenhouse gas emissions reduction benefits.  

“The bottom line is that two of the biggest priorities for the IMO are reducing shipping emissions and minimising the impact of shipping on the marine ecosystem. Thankfully, the industry now has increasing access to solutions that can address both challenges at once, tremendously reducing our impact on the oceans on which we all rely.” 

Read the full article on page 90.  


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