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Op-Ed: A new way to power up clean technology’s impact | MarineLog

7th February 2024

We are all familiar with the solutions that will enable shipping to decarbonize. Alternative fuels, optimization improvements and, of course, clean technologies, are all finding their place and role in enabling the maritime energy transition. Meanwhile, advances in the industry’s digitalization pathway are also reshaping the way that the sector does business and makes decisions.

We are moving from seeing data as a “nice to have” and instead are recognizing it as a catalyst for driving industry transformation. In this respect, shipping is following the well-established path of other sectors that have successfully adopted digital technologies and harnessed their potential for business advancement.

These two trends—decarbonization and digitalization—are well-debated and discussed. The tremendous increase in column inches dedicated to these topics over the last few years is testament to how important they are to the industry’s future.

Less well understood, though, is the deep link that decarbonization and digitalization have with each other. The boom in voyage optimization platforms over the last couple of years—many of which are designed to bring the industry’s sometimes competing profit and environmental motives into closer alignment—is really only scratching the surface of what’s possible...


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