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For over a decade, Silverstream Technologies has developed and scaled air lubrication technology within shipping, optimising the Silverstream® System for application across the global fleet.

As maritime clean technology market leaders, we understand the relevance and importance of our solution to the IMO’s decarbonisation goals and passionately believe in the role of proven, innovative solutions to enable a more sustainable shipping industry.

Maritime clean technology market leaders

We are proud to have a strong pipeline of orders - often including repeat business - for our air lubrication technology on both retrofits and newbuilds, from the leading names in the sector including MSC, Shell, Carnival, Maersk, Grimaldi, Hyundai Heavy Industries and Vale. 


Our mission is to reduce global emissions by becoming an integral, long-term innovation partner for the world’s leading shipping companies who want to create a more sustainable and profitable future for our industry. To achieve this, we are committed to:

  1. Telling the truth without deviation
  2. Working with the best without compromise
  3. Setting the standard of air lubrication without equal
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