About Us

Elegant in concept,
proven in execution.

For over a decade, Silverstream Technologies have pioneered air lubrication technologies within shipping. As clean tech leaders, we understand the relevance and importance of our solution to the IMO’s decarbonisation goals and passionately believe in the role of proven, innovative technologies in enabling a more sustainable shipping industry.

From a successful initial trial installation on the Danebrog Rederi tanker MT Amalienborg, sponsored by Shell, our technology was initially proven on cruise ship installations.

Results from these installations, which have been independently verified by third parties, including Lloyd’s Register, HSVA, the University of Southampton, Carnival and Shell, have conclusively proven that our Silverstream® System generates between net 5-10% fuel and emissions savings, depending on the vessel.

We are proud to have a strong pipeline of orders on both retrofits and newbuilds for some of the leading names in the industry. Following the success of the initial installations our system is being deployed on next generation designs for Grimaldi, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Carnival and Shell, demonstrating that our air lubrication technology is right at the heart of progressive sustainability action within shipping. To follow the very latest news about our current and ongoing installations, learn about our Case Studies.

For us, the journey doesn’t end with installation. The Silverstream® System is a truly lifecycle solution – no matter when you install it on your vessels, you will have the assurance of a technology that is going to last as long as your vessel. Our service and licensing agreement with Wärtsilä provides our customers with access to a world-leading supply and maintenance network and puts the Silverstream® System at the heart of the most advanced integrated maritime propulsion chains currently on the market.

To learn more about the science behind our technology, visit our Technology page.

Our Team


Founder, Chief Executive Officer
& Member of the Board

Noah founded Silverstream Technologies in 2010 and has transformed the company from a concept-led operation to a commercialised technology-solutions company.

Noah’s entrepreneurial experience, extensive understanding of and networks within the shipping industry, combined with his strong business acumen, have been central in developing and taking the company’s pioneering air lubrication technology, the Silverstream® System, to market and commercial fruition.

In 2014, Noah secured a landmark deal with Shell to fund one of the most robust and rigorous sea trials for a clean technology within the shipping industry, the results of which proved the validity and viability of the Silverstream® System.

Following the successful trial, in 2015, Noah led Silverstream to secure its first commercial order with leading cruise operator Norwegian Cruise Lines. The impressive performance of this installation, and subsequent installations, has driven orders across the maritime sector and from a variety of market verticals, including the LNG, dry bulk, tanker, cruise, ro-ro and ro-pax segments. Silverstream now has a rapidly growing orderbook and a team of 25 engineers, naval architects and innovators, as well as a global supply network.

Noah’s strategic development capabilities has enabled him to position Silverstream as one of the shipping industry’s leading clean technology providers. The company is currently involved in a variety of cutting-edge vessel design projects, with Noah working at regulatory level with the International Maritime Organisation on its Global Industry Alliance project aimed at standardising the incubation and measurement of maritime efficiency technologies.

Prior to joining Silverstream Technologies, Noah spent 17 years in investment banking.