air lubrication
for shipping

A bold step forward for sustainable shipping:
the Silverstream® System unlocks
5-10% net fuel and emissions savings

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The Silverstream® System is simple to operate, easy to install on newbuilds or can be retrofitted to existing ships. It is designed to clearly deliver efficiency gains and a reduction in harmful emissions.  


Our Air Lubrication System is a solution which lasts the full life of the vessel. Our team of expert engineers continually pursue engineering excellence to optimise the potential of the technology. We work with leading technology and equipment providers to ensure our technology offering remains at the forefront of clean technologies currently on the market.


No matter the future fuels that shipping deploys on its pathway to decarbonisation, fuel bills are certain to increase. This places proven clean technologies such as our Air Lubrication System at the heart of the strategy to improving the sustainability of shipping, marrying fuel innovation with efficiency gains to help owners and operators reduce their costs.


We believe that clean technologies should deliver on what they promise. Therefore, we work tirelessly to ensure transparency of the efficiency savings and emissions reduction potential delivered by the Silverstream® System – so that shipping can unlock the power of expert engineering and create a transformed and more sustainable industry.


We care about shipping’s decarbonisation pathway. That’s why we are a founding member of the Global Industry Alliance (GIA) – an IMO public-private partnership initiative under the framework of the GEF-UNDP-IMO GloMEEP Project. From this initiative, we are a leading advocate of a more transparent industry, playing our part in informing the policy decisions that will shape our market for years to come.


We are committed to working with the very best partners across our industry. Whether that’s collaborating with academics and scientists to prove the efficiency gains our technology secures, or working with coatings’ companies to analyse our complimentary clean technologies, we are playing a key role in facilitating shipping’s decarbonisation journey.

Frictional resistance


We have worked for over a decade to bring our market-leading clean technology, the Silverstream® System, to market. From early designs and proof of concepts, through to our first commercial installations, to today’s strong pipeline of newbuild and retrofit orders, we believe the simplicity and elegance of our air lubrication technology speaks for itself.

Uniquely within the market, our air lubrication technology harnesses fluid shearing – a natural phenomenon that occurs when two fluids of differing density move past each other – to create a micro bubble carpet across the full flat bottom of hull. 

This rigid, friction-reducing microbubble carpet maximises the emissions reduction and efficiency savings potential of our technology. Unlike other solutions on the market, we have perfected and patented this low energy requirement novel technique for generating our fuel-saving microbubbles.

Our extensive, full-scale experimental work conducted at HSVA provides us with a clear understanding of how our bubble carpet is formed and interacts with a variety of ocean conditions. Our experts have full knowledge of the relationship between ship speed, draft and the air flow requirements of our technology to generate maximum efficiency gains.

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