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Harnessing air and the oceans to deliver proven 5-10% net fuel and emissions savings.

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The Silverstream® System is simple to operate, and is easy to install on newbuilds or retrofitted to existing ships. It delivers proven efficiency gains and reduces harmful emissions by 5-10% net, depending on vessel type.

It's simple, it's clever and it works.

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We believe that clean technologies should deliver on what they promise. That’s why we are always transparent about the efficiency and emissions savings delivered by our system.

We are empowering shipping by unlocking the power of expert engineering and proven technology performance to create a more sustainable industry, now and in the future.

Policy & Research


No matter the future fuels that shipping deploys on its pathway to net-zero, fuel bills are certain to increase. Fuel-agnostic technologies such as the Silverstream® System are therefore at the heart of shipping’s decarbonisation journey.

At this critical juncture for the industry, we help owners cut their emissions, reduce costs and meet tightening regulations.


Lifecycle Solution

The Silverstream® System lasts the full lifecycle of the vessel. Our team of expert engineers continually pursues engineering excellence to optimise the full potential of the technology.

We work with leading technology and equipment providers to ensure our system remains at the leading edge of clean technologies currently on the market.

Installation Process


We are committed to working with the very best partners in our industry, whether that’s collaborating with academics to prove the efficiency gains of our technology, or working with hull coatings companies to analyse how our system complements other clean technologies.

We understand that shipping's decarbonisation journey will only be accelerated through industry cooperation, and are proud to play an important role in cultivating that collaborative spirit for the benefit of the whole sector.

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