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In considering where to apply clean technologies across a vessel, owners and operators must first act to mitigate the biggest energy cost to a vessel’s operation: frictional resistance between the hull and the water.

Reducing this frictional resistance is therefore essential to improving operational efficiency, regardless of fuel type.


Silverstream® System

Our patented air lubrication system, the Silverstream® System, fundamentally changes the interaction between water and a vessel. It shears air from air release units (ARUs) in the hull to create a uniform carpet of microbubbles that coats the full flat bottom of a vessel. As a result, frictional resistance is decreased – dramatically reducing fuel consumption and associated emissions. 

The solution is truly innovative, harnessing the power of both the air and our oceans – as well as our greatest understanding of fluid dynamics – to deliver real, proven, measurable fuel and emissions savings for oceangoing vessels.

Suitable for newbuilds and retrofits

Unlike many other technologies on the market, the Silverstream® System is suitable for both the newbuild process and retrofit installations, with our teams involved from the design stage through to system handover.

For retrofit projects, all structural integration work is completed during the normal dry-docking period.

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