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At Silverstream, we believe in continuous improvement and development. That’s why we are engaged with partners across the industry to unlock greater efficiency savings for our technology.

We are constantly discovering and proving new benefits of air lubrication, working to put our system at the heart of shipping’s vibrant ecosystem, while supporting the IMO’s decarbonisation progress.

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  1. Innovation through learning
  2. Global Industry Alliance
  3. CHEK Project

Innovation through learning

Silverstream has embarked upon a substantial programme of research to measure the consequential impacts that the Silverstream® System delivers to ship operations, ranging from reduction in hull fouling, the dampening of onboard noise and vibrations, to the suppression of a vessel’s underwater radiated noise (URN) signature.

We are always learning and never stand still in our pursuit of supporting maritime decarbonisation.

Global Industry Alliance

Silverstream is a founding member of the Global Industry Alliance (GIA) – a public-private partnership initiative of the IMO under the framework of the GEF-UNDP-IMO GloMEEP Project. Under this initiative we are leading the charge to support a more transparent industry that fully embraces the power of innovative clean technologies.

We are leading a group in the GIA to push the creation of a set of standards to govern how clean technologies are tested. In doing this, we work with key partners including Shell, Grimaldi and others to create a new ‘high watermark’ for clean technology development and adoption.

CHEK Project

Silverstream is also a contributing partner to the CHEK Project (deCarbonising sHipping by Enabling Key technology symbiosis on real vessel concept designs), a European Union Horizon 2020 project demonstrating solutions for decarbonising international shipping. 

We are advising on the implementation of air lubrication technology onboard two cutting-edge new vessels which will sail at the end of 2022. The project will see truly symbiotic vessel efficiency innovations from the contributing partners realised in-operation.

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