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Silverstream Technologies collaborates with SKCT in Korea

17th April 2024

Silverstream Technologies is delighted to announce that it has appointed SKCT as its local representative in the South Korean shipping market. SKCT will work closely with South Korean shipyards and vessel owners and support them during the planning and enquiry stage for the installation of the Silverstream® System, our air lubrication technology. The SKCT team is available for daily local support to deliver best-in-class service to vessel owners and the shipyard’s sales planning and technical teams.

Silverstream recognises the importance of the South Korean maritime industry, and this marks the first step as part of a wider plan focused on our Korean supply chain and service network development. Our commitment to building and maintaining strong partnerships and delivering top-tier service to Korean shipyards and vessel owners remains at the forefront of Silverstream's strategy in both the country and the broader Asia-Pacific region.

Last year, the South Korean government announced plans to invest $534 million over five years in the Korean shipbuilding market. This investment as part of the ‘K-Shipbuilding Strategy for Next-Generation Market Dominance’ is focused on new technologies and alternative fuels, boosting Korean shipyards’ already class-leading manufacturing capabilities.

Korea’s focus on building the next generation of high-quality, efficient ships featuring new technologies is a huge opportunity for Silverstream. Our market leading and proven Silverstream® System releases a carpet of air to reduce the frictional resistance between the hull and the water, cutting average net fuel consumption and GHG emissions by 5-10%. The system is applicable to all shipping segments and is effective in all sea states. It has become a must-have for leading shipowners, who are eager to meet tightening environmental standards, making it a standard equipment choice for their vessels.

Daniel Mann, Vice President of Business Development, and Noah Silberschmidt, Founder & CEO, of Silverstream (pictured) recently visited the Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries shipyard in South Korea where our Silverstream® System was fitted on @MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company’s MSC Napoli container ship. As part of this order, our system will be installed on 10 MSC ships, 2 of which have been delivered by HD Hyundai’s sister shipyard in Ulsan.

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