Sustainability and the Environment

A diverse group of industry leaders were involved in a round table discussion on future cruise ship sustainability in today’s environmentally sensitive world.

The debate was held in London recently, organised by IMMEDIASEA and attended by International Cruise Ship Industry (ICSI), among others.

Carnival’s senior vice president for maritime affairs, Tom Strang, gave a short resume of what the corporation and its brands are currently doing to mitigate the vessels’ footprint on land and at sea.

Initiatives include the fitting of exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS), operating cruise ships with LNG as fuel, cold ironing at certain ports and investing in equipment to reduce wash water and waste.

What’s next? he asked. Carnival is currently looking at fuel cell usage, waste heat recovery systems and HVAC systems, the use of turbochargers and air lubrication systems.

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Carnival counts air lubrication among green technologies for their fleet

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