New Animation Showcases Silverstream® System

Silverstream Technologies is proud to launch a new animation showcasing the Silverstream® System. In the animation viewers can learn how our system is built and installed, how it functions, and what effect this has on the energy efficiency of the vessel.

The Silverstream® System provides a means-tested, independently validated path for shipowners and operators to realise real improvements in sustainability and reductions in fuel costs. With bunker prices expected to increase thanks to new sulphur regulations coming into force in 2020, proven clean technologies such as the Silverstream® System will be essential in bringing about a cheaper, greener shipping industry.

The commercial success of the Silverstream® System air lubrication technology has set a new industry benchmark for proving the benefits of undergoing a rigorous and transparent testing and validation process following the success of its landmark sea trials. Silvestream Technologies continues to gather data from ongoing sea trials, applying the knowledge gleaned from this process to ensure that the Silverstream® System is continually developed and improved to run at the optimum operational efficiency.

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Still image from our 3D animation showcasing how the Silverstream® System works.

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