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Luke De Freitas

Head of Delivery Unit (Retrofit)

"I joined Silverstream as a Naval Architect in June 2017 as the third Technical Team appointment. I was responsible for the engineering design, technical support and data analysis for various newbuild and retrofit projects. In June 2018, I moved into the Operations Team as Project Engineer responsible for managing project execution, delivery, commissioning and sea trials on several newbuild and retrofit installations.

In April 2021, I was promoted to Operations Manager/Head of Delivery Unit for the retrofit segment where I report to the VP of Operations. I now oversee the team of Project Engineers responsible for both retrofit and newbuild installations, from sales handover, installation, commissioning, sea trials, to customer delivery.

Silverstream has provided me with an exceptional opportunity to join a market-leading company that has a novel technology which is so intriguing that it grasps the interest of anyone who hears about it. The energy and motivation of our talented team here at Silverstream is also second to none and it’s extremely fulfilling waking up every morning knowing that we are working on a technology that will play a key role in transitioning to a sustainable future."

Luke de Freitas, Head of Delivery Unit (Retrofit), joined 2017.

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