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TradeWinds: Turning the hesitant into second movers in shipping’s green transition

22nd November 2022

TradeWind's Green Seas newsletter and podcast recently reported how Carnival Corp, the world’s largest cruise company, went from being a first mover on air lubrication to a major adopter, with plans to have a fleet of 17 vessels with the Silverstream®️ System.

The systems, which use a layer of microbubbles to reduce water resistance, have brought Carnival 5% to 6% fuel savings. But across the global shipping fleet just 244 have been ordered, and many of those reflect older systems that are no longer in use, according to data from Silverstream Technologies. The UK company, the provider for Carnival’s air lubrication systems, has 110 orders to its name.


Read the full article in TradeWinds.


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