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Silverstream’s Chief Technologist on how to improve CII ratings

31st January 2023

Our Chief Technologist, David Connolly, recently shared his insights on how our air lubrication technology can support shipowners with CII performance, during a Riviera Maritime Media webinar on 'How shipowners can improve CII compliance ratings.' David outlined the role that proven clean technology can play in ensuring shipowners successfully navigate the IMO’s latest regulations and the decarbonisation transition more broadly.

Slow steaming was a key topic of discussion and, while the operational measure can improve vessel CII ratings, it is by no means a ‘silver bullet.’ Slowing down vessels comes with unintended consequences; the global fleet will need to expand to transport the same volume of goods. This will inadvertently increase shipping’s global emissions, so slow steaming should not be the sole means by which shipowners improve their CII scores. 

To listen to David and the other panellists discuss CII and other key topics such as what shipowners should look for in a clean technology, watch the webinar on Riviera Maritime Media's website.


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