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9th August 2022

今年6月, Silverstream 公司正式宣布:Silverstream系统已被选中安装在两艘北极光(Northern Lights)项目专用二氧化碳运输船上,以助力碳捕获和碳封存。


据悉,北极光(Northern Lights)项目是有史以来首个跨国、开源的二氧化碳运输封存基础设施网络,能够帮助众多欧洲企业安全地将二氧化碳永久封存于地下。

该项目预计每年将收集高达150万吨的二氧化碳,并将它们运输到位于挪威西部的接收终端,再通过管道输送到北海海床下2600 米深的存储空间内永久封存。

这两艘二氧化碳运输船归属于挪威国油(Equinor)、荷兰皇家壳牌(Shell)和法国道达尔能源(TotalEnergies)共同出资成立的合资公司——北极光合资公司Northern Lights JV,并由中国船舶集团旗下大船集团负责建造,总长约130米,并入级DNV。








Silverstream technology chosen for first-of-kind CO2 transport ships

In June, Silverstream announced that our Silverstream® System had been chosen for installation on the two CO2 carriers being built for the pioneering Northern Lights carbon capture and storage project.

Northern Lights will create the first ever cross-border, open-source, CO2 transport-and-storage infrastructure network, offering European companies the opportunity to store their CO2 safely and permanently underground.

The project initially involves the annual capture of up to 1.5 million tons of CO2 which will be transported to a receiving terminal in western Norway and subsequently piped into a reservoir 2,600 metres under the seabed in the North Sea. The 130-metre ships that will transport the CO2 were ordered by the Northern Lights JV, owned equally by Equinor, Shell and TotalEnergies. They are being built by Dalian Shipbuilding Industry in China and classed by DNV.

They will transport liquid CO2 in purpose-built pressurised cargo tanks. Their primary fuel will be LNG, and along with other emissions-reducing technologies, including Silverstream’s air lubrication technology, they will have a reduced carbon intensity of around 34% compared to conventional vessels.

We have been tirelessly working for the last 10 years to create our truly market-leading and proven clean technology, and we believe these innovative ships will become standard on coastal trading routes used by the growing carbon capture industry.

Our system operates by releasing a rigid carpet of air to reduce the frictional resistance between the hull of a vessel and the water, reducing fuel consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions by 5-10%. The Silverstream® System also represents a lifecycle solution for efficiency, with class-approved components that are designed to last the full lifespan of a vessel.

We’re pleased to be working with the Northern Lights project to help bring about these truly pioneering new vessel types. It’s one thing to create innovative new ship designs, but to do that with the vision of creating an entirely new shipping transportation segment is a step further in ambition. It is only logical that these vessels also seek to solve the underlying challenge of design efficiency.

We’re also excited to be able to work with Dalian Shipbuilding Industry as this project begins to ramp up. Stay tuned for further updates as our work with these vessels progresses.


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