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Seaview Magazine: Optimising Ships for Energy Efficiency

25th July 2022

Interview with Dario Bocchetti, Energy Saving Manager at Grimaldi Group. 

Saving energy has major advantages and no disadvantages. By implementing innovative technologies and smart policies to improve energy efficiency on our ships, we significantly reduce fuel consumption and costs. Saving fuel goes hand in hand with controlling emissions of greenhouse gases and protecting the environment. In turn, stronger environmental protection measures help us comply with international emissions regulations. I’m responsible for energy efficiency and innovation for over 100 ships in the Grimaldi Group, so in our case these advantages are multiplied by 100. It is immensely satisfying to see the real, positive results of our efforts in terms of cost savings, environmental conservation and compliance.

We innovate constantly in order to optimise the energy consumption of our fleet. A good example is our recent order of six hybrid ro-ro vessels from CSC Jinling Shipyard in China, for delivery starting from 2020.

Read the article in Seaview Magazine 


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