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The Manufacturer: Full stream ahead - How the shipping industry is lowering emissions

15th November 2022

Driven by investor, regulatory and public demand, a variety of new technologies will be required to decarbonise the world’s shipping industry. Silverstream's CEO, Noah Silberschmidt speaks to The Manufacturer's Joe Bush to discuss how and why our Silverstream®️ System is becoming the energy efficiency solution of choice across the shipping industry.

The drive towards net zero is not only forcing manufacturers to look inwardly at energy consumption and the efficiency of their own processes, but it is also vital that sustainability is considered up and down the supply chain; beyond the boundaries of an individual manufacturing site, commonly referred to as Scope 3 emissions. In other words, it is no longer enough to have energy efficient processes in place to manufacture a product if the raw materials used, or the method of transporting them to customers, is carbon intensive or causes pollution – and the shipping industry is key to this.

Read the full article in The Manufacturer here.


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