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Silverstream Technologies:英国绿色航运技术之光

10th May 2022


新成立的 “英国航运减排办公室(UK SHORE”,以“开拓新技术研发,使海上航行再次如数百年前一样绿色”为目标。这笔资金是对航运业可持续性发展的一项重大投资,也是全球航运脱碳事业的重要组成部分。

近日,英国《金融时报》对Silverstream进行了专题报道,并采访了Silverstream首席执行官Noah Silberschmidt,了解他对该新基金的看法。



但更为关键的是,Noah认为,虽然来自某一国家的资金能够提供支持,但海洋脱碳却是一项全球挑战。在采访中,Noah全球造船厂在实现绿色环保船队方面的关键作用,他认为,清洁技术制造商 “创造真正有助于解决全球脱碳问题的技术并不需要依托大型重工业。”




英国航运减排办公室(UK SHORE)的揭幕成立再次向世人提供了有力证明——“航运业在清洁技术的发展上不能有丝毫的犹豫和懈怠”。能看到这一关键问题在全球商业出版物中得到如此突出的报道,真是航运业的一大幸事。


Silverstream Technologies at the heart of the UK’s green shipping technology drive

Earlier this year, the UK Government announced that it had made £200 million available in seed funding for the maritime clean technology sector, with the aim of supporting the incubation and acceleration of decarbonisation in shipping.

The UK Shipping Office for Reducing Emissions (UK SHORE) has been created with the goal of “pioneering new research and development of technology that could make journeys by sea as green as they were hundreds of years ago.”

This is a significant investment in the industry’s sustainability and is welcome as part of the global efforts to decarbonise.

Recently, Silverstream was featured in the UK’s Financial Times write-up of this story, and our CEO Noah Silberschmidt was interviewed to get his thoughts on the new fund.

Noah first shared how Silverstream had created a blueprint for repeat air lubrication orders as a UK clean technology first mover. Alongside working with market leaders and comprehensively proving any savings figures, Noah explained how Silverstream works with the very best owners, charterers, yards, class societies and industry associations, creating partnerships that are based on engineering and supply chain excellence.

Relationships with shipyards and shipowners in Asia – and particularly China – are fundamental to this approach.

Critically, Noah believes, while funding from one country is useful, maritime decarbonisation is a global challenge. During the interview, Noah underlined the critical role of shipyards globally to bringing about greener fleets, saying that clean technology manufacturers “don’t need a big heavy industry to create something that actually helps a global problem.”

Noah also unilaterally underlined the necessity of clean technologies during the conversation: the starting gun has been fired on maritime decarbonisation, and the clock is ticking down for ship owners, operators and charterers.

New regulations will impact the profitability of vessels, and governments and regulators will require more substantial action at a rate than we’ve never seen before. Progressive shipowners and operators are already getting ahead of the curve by adopting proven clean technologies like our Silverstream® System.

The next decade will be decisive for clean technology uptake and for maritime decarbonisation as owners and operators are squeezed by both their customers and by regulation to improve the efficiency of their vessels.

The unveiling of UK SHORE once again proves that the maritime industry cannot afford any prevarication on clean technology uptake – and it is fantastic to see this critical issue receiving such prominent coverage in a global business publication.



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