The Technology

The Silverstream® System sets a standard without equal. Our clean technology delivers on promised fuel and emissions savings: 5-10% net reduction depending on vessel type.

Core benefits:

Proven and verifiable technology

Elegant, simple, and reliable solution that is applicable to both retrofits and newbuilds

Technology which cuts vessel emissions and improves efficiency on all rating scales: EEDI, EEOI or EEXI

Competitive lifecycle solution with components that are designed to last the full lifespan of a vessel

Engineering undertaken to the very highest of standards

Access to a global assurance and supply network

It's simple,


and it works

Frictional resistance

What is air lubrication?

Proven clean technologies are instrumental to the shipping industry’s decarbonisation agenda. In considering where to apply these technologies across a vessel, owners and operators must first act to mitigate the biggest energy cost to a vessel’s operation: frictional resistance between the hull and the water. Reducing this frictional resistance is therefore essential to improve operational efficiency, regardless of fuel type.

Air lubrication fundamentally changes the interaction between water and a vessel’s hull, shearing air from air release units in the hull to create a carpet of bubbles that coats the full flat bottom of a vessel. As a result, frictional resistance is decreased – dramatically reducing fuel consumption and associated emissions.

The solution is radical and innovative, harnessing the power of both the air and our oceans – as well as our greatest understanding of fluid dynamics – to deliver real, proven, measurable fuel and emissions savings for oceangoing vessels.

Harnessing nature to improve your efficiency

The microbubble carpet generated by the Silverstream® System cuts fuel burn and associated emissions by 5-10% net, depending on a vessel’s characteristics.

Suitable for newbuilds and retrofits

Unlike many other technologies on the market, the Silverstream® System is suitable for both newbuild process and retrofit installations, with our teams involved from the design stage through to system handover. For retrofit projects, all structural integration work is completed during the normal drydocking period.

Delivering real, proven, measurable fuel and emissions savings

A recognised efficiency solution

Our technology provides assurance: air lubrication is an advocated clean technology recognised under the IMO’s Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) for newbuilds. Furthermore, air lubrication will also be one of the key means for current vessels to improve their efficiency rating on the IMO’s impending Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) – a commercial requirement as decarbonisation targets tighten.

Lifecycle commitment

We commit to support our customers for the full lifespan of our clean technology. We have the scale, partners and supply network, including our partnership with Wärtsilä, to provide assurance that the Silverstream® System will be able to deliver efficiency savings for as long as your vessel is on the oceans.

Instantly impactful, clearly measurable

Our air lubrication system’s positive impact on your vessel’s efficiency is clearly and immediately measurable, with a drop in shaft power visible the moment that the system is engaged.

Air lubrication is an advocated clean technology

Operational flexibility

Our solution provides owners and operators with higher flexibility. When the bubble carpet forms, an increase in speed can be observed due to reduced frictional resistance. This means owners can choose: they can either adjust to normal operational speed and benefit from fuel or emissions reduction, or choose higher speeds with the same power requirement.

Small footprint

On a commercial vessel, space is everything. We understand that this is a key priority for your operations and therefore have designed our air lubrication technology to be modular in design, so that it can be dispersed across a number of compartments or co-located if space permits. Our system is designed to limit impact on cargo carrying capacity and resulting long term profitability. 


Additionally, our System’s multiple compressor design allows exacting control of air delivery in the most efficient configuration. The technology also has multiple levels of redundancy should the unlikely event of loss of a compressor arise – albeit with a modest drop in performance.


The Silverstream® System is also designed to allow crew to execute maintenance activities whilst the system continues to operate.

Other benefits

Silverstream Technologies has embarked upon a programme of research to measure the consequential impacts that the Silverstream® System delivers to ship operations, ranging from reduction in hull fouling, the dampening of onboard noise and vibrations, to the suppression of a vessel’s underwater radiated noise signature. All of these factors are beneficial to the environment in which a vessel operates.

Radical, innovative and – most importantly – proven and verified

Selecting the Silverstream® System

At Silverstream, we have worked tirelessly to create a market-leading clean technology solution over the last ten years.

On selecting the Silverstream® System for your fleet, you are guaranteed the highest standard of engineering expertise in the industry, and a pedigree of proven and verified results gained in close consultation with industry leading organisation, including Lloyd’s Register, DNV GL and Shell, Carnival and Grimaldi.

The Silverstream® System isn’t just any other clean technology. It is radical, innovative and – most importantly – proven and verified.