What is the Silverstream® System?

The Silverstream® System is a unique system that reduces frictional resistance between the water and the hull surface, dramatically reducing fuel consumption and associated emissions.

Air lubrication technology is one of the most comprehensively described eco-efficiency technologies validated by the United Nations International Maritime Organisation.  The Silverstream® System is also the only proven air lubrication technology that is applicable for both new build and existing vessels.

Key Design Features

  • Retrofit and newbuild applications
  • Operates in all sea conditions
  • Designed to last the lifetime of a ship
  • Installation can be completed in just 5 days
    • Small installation footprint
    • Flexible installation options
  • Low maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Class approved, marine specification components
    • Factory tested compressors and automation system
    • Modular, oil free compressors with Variable Speed Drives
  • Compatible and complementary with all other eco-efficiency technologies


System Performance

  • Savings at all operational speeds
  • Savings increase with speed
  • Savings up to 10% depending on vessel type and profile

How it Works

Introducing the Silverstream® System

The Silverstream® System for Cruise Ships

The Technology In motion

These images show the excellent condition of the hull coating and propellor blades from the second annual underwater survey, following 2 years’ operation of the Silverstream® System.

Hull coating on flat bottom and air release units is free of barnacles and marine growth.

Propeller Blade surfaces are free from any signs of cavitation or any growth

Fabrication of air release units

Silverstream Technologies has developed a unique way of distributing air underneath the vessel; specially designed and engineered air release units are a key part of the system.  Each unit is fabricated and inspected to exacting quality standards and approved by Class.  Typically, the units are constructed from Grade D steel to cope with all sea conditions and Silverstream’s quality system provides full traceability with rigorous inspection carried out by our project engineering team during the fabrication and installation process.  The units are designed to simplify the fabrication process which, in turn, reduces lead times.

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