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Lucy Newnham

Data Scientist

“ I completed a PhD in Astrophysics and then decided that a career outside of academia was more fitting for me. I decided on data science, as I have strong mathematical and programming skills. I started in a company analysing impressions in TV and Entertainment but knew the power of data and the good it could do in the world. I decided I wanted to work for a company that was doing something to help the planet and thought Silverstream was a very good fit! I had not worked in maritime before starting at Silverstream. It has been challenging but also thrilling to begin understanding this whole field, and to contribute to making shipping greener.

The growth of the Data team since I started has been huge and my hiring was part of that. It feels amazing to be part of a company that values the relevance and potential that data holds for them and is committed to investing in the development of their data and software.”

Lucy Newnham, Data Scientist, joined 2022.

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