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Arno Dubois

IR&D Engineer (Hydrodynamics)

Arno joined Silverstream in 2022 as IR&D Engineer, specialising in hydrodynamics. Through his expertise in both numerical and experimental research of hydrodynamic systems, he wants to dedicate himself to the further development of Silverstream’s technology. Arno graduated from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands with a degree in Maritime Technology, focusing on hydrodynamics and computational fluid dynamics. He continued his academic career in Australia with a PhD in Maritime Engineering from the Australian Maritime College, a specialised institute of the University of Tasmania.

In his PhD thesis, Arno outlined the development and utilisation of both a two- and three-dimensional model as a powerful research tool to realise the novel propeller as a viable propulsion and manoeuvring system for autonomous underwater vehicles. He presented his work at several international conferences and published papers in various industry-leading journals.

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