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Silverstream at the United Nations

16th June 2023

In June 2023 Noah Silberschmidt, Founder and CEO of Silverstream Technologies, was invited to present at the United Nations' annual forum on "Protecting the Oceans and The Law of the Sea." The meeting was attended by delegates from around the world, who all converged on the UN’s New York headquarters to discuss the solutions that will underpin a safe and sustainable future for our oceans.

Noah’s presentation at the UN focused on the transformative impact of our air lubrication technology, the Silverstream® System, and the integral role it is playing in many shipowners’ decarbonisation strategies. Noah emphasised the role that regulators must play to help accelerate the adoption of proven vessel efficiency solutions like our ALS. Beyond fuel and emissions savings, Noah also spoke at length about the associated benefits of our technology, such as its positive impacts on hull fouling and on underwater radiated noise. After his presentation, Noah fielded questions from a variety of international delegations, including the United States, Iceland, Monaco, Bangladesh and others.

This recognition at the highest level underscores not only the Silverstream® System’s status as a proven and trusted solution for cutting shipping's fuel and emissions, but also the significant role that Silverstream itself is playing as a maritime clean technology leader. We are proud to have spoken at the UN and hope that our contribution to the discussion helps to not only inspire further clean technology adoption, but also decarbonisation action as a whole across our sector.

Watch the full video of the presentation here


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