Electrical Engineer

Theo joined Silverstream Technologies in June 2020 following his tenure in leading Classification Society, American Bureau Shipping (‘ABS’).  Having joined ABS as an intern and following his work as well as his Surveyor training in Singapore, he moved on to become an Electrical and Automation Engineer in charge of the review of Electrical and Automation plans, client liaison and the occasional training of Junior Engineers.

He further worked his way to Senior Engineer, having oversight of several programs and was in charge of the Marine Type Approval Program. His duties included extensive project management, client relations as well as the training and supervision of a team of new-hire engineers. During this time, he has managed to become the subject matter expert for ABS Europe in the areas of Installation of Large Battery (Li-Ion and other chemistries) Systems & DC Based Power as well as the Integrated Software Quality Management.

Theo graduated from University College London with a MSc in Marine Engineering in 2012 and is working his way towards becoming a chartered engineer.