Selecting the Silverstream® System

Silverstream Technologies has the expertise to ensure installations are completed and commissioned within 20 to 24 weeks from order and we provide support to our customers throughout the installation, commissioning and operational phases.  In addition to supplying the technology we provide customers with turnkey services including preparing installation specifications, procuring installation partners, logistics management of equipment to installation yards, provision of operating manuals and crew training services.

Key steps from enquiry to installation are as follows:

Initial evaluation of the system design and the estimated savings performance is done within 2 weeks of receiving vessel information and its operating profile.
Silverstream Technologies customises each system to the ship's design and operating profile.
Step 1: Evaluation

Our specialist engineers will complete the initial evaluation of the estimated savings and outline system design within 2 weeks of receipt of vessel information and its operating profile. Customers are provided with an assessment of the savings across a range of speeds and for ballast and laden conditions. The evaluation methodology was developed using research carried out with HSVA and from comprehensive testing data obtained over a 2.5 year period of system operation. In addition we use operational data from the new installations to inform decisions on expected savings.

Silverstream will provide a detailed proposal within a week of request
Step 2: Proposal

Following the initial evaluation we will provide a detailed proposal within a week of request including delivery schedules. Typically we provide information for customers to engage with their preferred installation yards and partners for installation pricing. To ensure the customer is provided with the best overall price, Silverstream works with the customer and installation partners to make sure Mechanical and Electrical and HVAC requirements are understood and correctly specified.

Initial evaluation of the system design and the estimated savings performance is done within 2 weeks of receiving vessel information and its operating profile.
Step 3: Detailed Design

Upon receipt of order Silverstream engineers produce detailed design information for the class approval of the Air Release Units (if not approved prior to order), overall system arrangement drawings and positioning drawings for the Air Release Units. This can be done in as little as 2 weeks.  In addition to the design drawings detailed plans are provided for equipment manufacture and delivery and for the installation and commissioning phase.

Labelled Compressor in situ on an installation of the Silverstream® System.
Step 4: Equipment Supply

After design approval, equipment delivery will be confirmed – typically the main elements, Air Release Units, Compressors and Automation system will be procured, manufactured and factory tested ready for despatch within 16 weeks of order. Air Release Units will be fabricated to Class approved specifications and delivered with a primer coat. Compressors are designed for marine conditions.

Silverstream Technologies provides support throughout the installaiton process
Step 5: System Installation

Following delivery at the installation yard, all equipment is checked to ensure no damage has occurred during transit. Silverstream engineers will be present throughout a retrofit installation in dry dock and at key installation stages for a new build project. Working closely with the installation team the engineers are available to advise throughout the installation process. Installation timelines vary depending on the duration of a dry dock or new build programme. In some circumstances it will be possible to complete the installation within 10 days

The bubble carpet is visible even when the ship is turning
Step 6: System Commissioning

The compressors and automation system will be commissioned by the OEM engineers under the supervision of the Silverstream engineers. After the equipment is commissioned the overall system will be commissioned with optimisation carried out once the vessel is at sea. As part of this process crew training will be provided together with the system handover complete with operating manuals and procedures. After commissioning remote support is provided by the Silverstream engineers.

Project Management

The Silverstream team consists of experienced engineers and supply chain professionals with specific project management capability, essential to ensure that installations are completed to meet fixed shipyard slots as part of regular dry docking schedules.  Using best practice project management techniques, retrofit installations can be completed during a typical 2 week dry docking period and system installations can also be completed using travelling teams whilst vessels are in operation.  For new build installations, delivery of equipment is scheduled to fit with the overall build programme.

Fabricating the Silverstream® System
Newly Formed Air Release Unit
Air release units ready for media blasting

We are experienced in co-ordinating and managing input from the supply chain, working with Class and co-ordinating with installation partners, shipyards and customers to deliver installations on time.

Compressors loaded on pallets and ready for despatch.
Class inspection of fabricated air release units
Steel air release units ready for despatch
Air release units en route to the shipyard

Supply Chain

Silverstream Technologies works with market leading partners for system accreditation, equipment design and supply, and system installation. Each member of the supply chain has worked with Silverstream from the development of the prototype through to the operational installations. All equipment meets Silverstream specification requirements; compressors are oil free and designed to meet marine specifications, air release units are manufactured to Class approved design and inspections, including full material traceability and Quality Assurance documentation.

Our world class supply chain partners include:

DNV GL/ Silverstream Technologies

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