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Maritime recruitment faces a multitude of challenges and obstacles when it comes to propelling the sector into the modern era, but the tide is slowly turning.


Top maritime companies cynical about startups


Silverstream Technologies supplies a clean, fuel-saving air lubrication technology to world-leading oil and gas firm Shell and the cruise line giant Carnival Corporation. Founder and chief executive Noah Silberschmidt says: “There is certainly cynicism among top maritime companies towards some of the startups, particularly for those that were promised significant savings in fuel costs, but never received them.

“By being more modest in our forecasts and inviting third-party experts to verify the actual savings, we have in just ten years already successfully broken through this perception barrier.”

Mr Silberschmidt’s previous career in finance leads him to believe that “financial players are far quicker than maritime operators to accept the help being offered by new software startups”.

He also warns that while top maritime companies have shown a willingness to embrace technological solutions, smaller players are more resistant to change and are falling behind.  Read the full article.

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The shockwaves will be felt throughout the shipping sector for many years, believes Noah Silberschmidt.   Read the article  

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