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Rupert Andrews

Marketing & Communications Manager

Rupert joined Silverstream in 2021 to lead the marketing team. With a background in B2B Technology Marketing & Communications, Rupert brings with him a wealth of expertise in empowering technology brands to excel in crowded media landscapes, no matter the challenges in front of them.

With six years’ experience of agency-side Marketing & Communications under his belt, Rupert has worked with a wide range of start-ups, SMEs and global brands across various industries – including AWS, Rolls-Royce, Fujitsu and Dassault Systèmes. He has helped clients achieve their ambitions of better articulating themselves to the wider world, changing key stakeholder perceptions, while driving clear ROI through bold and impactful communications.

Rupert graduated from the University of Birmingham with a BA in English & American Literature. His enthusiasm for writing and storytelling has inspired his career ever since.

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