Silverstream Technologies CEO speaks to The Motorship on clean tech, decarbonisation and market complexity in shipping

In the most recent edition of The Motorship, our CEO Noah Silberschmidt discussed the important role that fuel agnostic clean technologies have to play in helping ship owners and operators decarbonise and meet new and impending requirements on vessel efficiency:


“Proven, available, fuel agnostic clean technologies which can be retrofitted on the existing fleet are vital to ensure we not only reduce emissions today but enable ship owners and operators to retain a competitive advantage.


This is especially important when we think about the cost of low and zero carbon fuels, which will be far more expensive than shipping’s current stock of commodity fuels.”


Bearing these costs in mind, Noah argued that: “choosing the right technologies today is part of how shipping will ensure it reaches its environmental targets and, crucially, does so whilst maintaining profitability.”

Read the full article here.

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