Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Member of the Board

Noah founded Silverstream Technologies in 2010 and has transformed the company from a concept-led operation to a commercialised technology-solutions company.

Noah’s entrepreneurial experience, his understanding of and networks within the shipping industry, combined with his strong business acumen, have been central in developing and taking the company’s pioneering air lubrication technology, the Silverstream® System, to market and commercial fruition.

In 2014, Noah secured a landmark deal with Shell to fund one of the most robust and rigorous sea trials for a clean technology seen within the shipping industry, the results of which proved the validity and viability of the Silverstream® System. Following the success of the trial, in 2015, Noah led Silverstream to secure its first commercial order with leading cruise operator Norwegian Cruise Lines. The impressive performance of this installation, and subsequent installations within the industry, has created interest across the maritime sector and from a variety of market segments. Silverstream is now engaged with multiple industry-leading ship owners, as well as with some of the world’s principal shipyards to deliver further installations.

Noah’s strategic development capabilities has enabled him to position Silverstream as one of the shipping industry’s leading clean technology providers, with the opportunity to play an important role in delivering significant operational and environmental efficiencies, and helping to create a more sustainable and profitable industry.

Prior to joining Silverstream Technologies, Noah spent 17 years in investment banking.