Expansion of Technical Team

New naval architect appointed following first commercial installation, and pipeline of orders. Dominic Tasker has been hired as a new naval architect at Silverstream Technologies… Read More| MarineLink.com

Bubbles Come of Age

With the news this year that Silverstream had at last achieved its objective of retrofitting a tanker with air lubrication and achieved its first commercial sale… ShipInsight takes a look at this innovative fuel saving initiative. Continue reading| ShipInsight...

A Final Word on Bubbles

There are three companies that have developed systems to lubricate a ship’s hull with air bubbles…what is interesting is the spread of vessel types in which the systems have been installed . Read More| Lloyd’s List

Pumped up over Bubble Technology

By amassing data, Silverstream says its air lubrication system has started to win charterers’ approval. Read More| Lloyd’s List

Bubble Fleet Grows

Das Produkt-Spektrum für mehr Energieeffizienz in der Schifffahrt ist groß. Auch die Luftblasen-Technologie gehört seit einigen Jahren dazu. Continue Reading| HANSA International Maritime Journal

Silverstream Steals the Show…

In many ways the success of Informa’s Green Ship Technology conference has mirrored the growing importance of ‘eco-environment’ in shipping over an eleven-year period. Read More | Green Ship Technology Conference