Brave New World

Change is coming to ship design, and coming fast. Many novel interventions are just beginning to gain acceptance, like the air lubrication systems offered by Silverstream Technologies… Read More| Maritime Executive

Silverstream Technologies Wins Award for Innovation

Silverstream Technologies, the pioneer of air lubrication technology for the shipping industry, has been awarded the 2016 Professional Mariner Plimsoll Award for Innovation. Read More| Hellenic Shipping News

Silverstream Gears Up for More Orders

Following Tanker Operator’s article in the March issue, the patented Silverstream Technologies has recently started to ramp up its operations following its first order for its air lubrication technology. Read More| Tanker Operator

Building Greener Ships, to Keep the Sea From Rising

Many liner shippers have adopted efficiency improvements…Silverstream Technologies, a London-based company, is one of several that have developed systems that produce a carpet of tiny air bubbles along the bottom of a ship. The hull touches mostly air, so...

Building credibility for clean technologies

In a conservative industry, green technology suppliers must provide robust proof of performance to encourage market uptake, writes Noah Silberschmidt, CEO of Silverstream Technologies. Read More| The Motorship

World’s First from Silverstream Technologies

The Innovations Report is on the world’s first commercial installation of a patented air lubrication system from Silverstream Technologies to be fitted on a major cruise vessel. This will help reduce journey times and also cut down on fuel costs. It has been validated...

Silverstream Technologies Grows Team as Orders Increase

Silverstream Technologies, pioneers of air lubrication technology for the shipping industry, today announced the appointment of Stephen Potts as its new Head of Supply Chain.The development is based on the company’s strategy to further expand its infrastructure on the...

Reducing Friction for Greener Operation

AIR LUBRICATION SYSTEM, The Silverstream® System reduces frictional resistance between the water and a ship’s hull, cutting fuel consumption and associated emissions. Noah Silberschmidt, CEO, discusses the system’s successful progress from sea trials with Shell to its...

Chief executive: 5% fuel saving conservative estimate

Air bubble technology’s efficiency proven in trials. Completed sea trials using Silverstream technology, which uses air bubbles to improve hull movement produced averages close to the 5% efficiency target. Read More| Bunkerworld