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15th June 2022

近日,Silverstream Technologies正式宣布,已与Klaveness Combination Carriers(KCC)公司签署了一项协议,将为多达11艘船舶安装Silverstream®空气润滑系统,其中包括3艘CABU II级和8艘CLEANBU级船舶。据悉,该改造项目将于2023年初正式开工,预计需两年时间完成。







Silverstream Technologies signs fleet agreement with Klaveness Combination Carriers

Silverstream Technologies has signed an agreement with Klaveness Combination Carriers (KCC) to install our air lubrication system, the Silverstream® System, on up to 11 vessels, including three CABU II class and eight CLEANBU class vessels. The retrofit installations will commence in early 2023 and take two years to complete.

Klaveness’ combination carriers are unique vessels that provide the transportation service of both a standard MR or LR1 product tanker and a standard Panamax or Kamsarmax dry bulk vessel. They are employed in trades where standard dry bulk and tanker vessels sail in ballast over long distances due to trade imbalances. Most of the time, these combination carriers combine a tanker cargo in one direction and a dry bulk cargo on the return voyage with minimum ballast in-between.

The vessels reduce carbon emissions per transported tonne-mile by 30-40% relative to standard tanker and dry bulk vessels, which represents a substantial increase in fuel efficiency. By prioritising flexibility, increasing voyage efficiencies, and reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions, combination carriers not only represent a powerful decarbonisation asset for shipping, but they are also fundamentally challenging the way in which the industry operates.

KCC has a strong and well-deserved reputation for being a sustainability leader and a genuinely green-minded innovator, and we are confident that our system will help to boost these credentials even more. To illustrate this point further, in KCC’s combination trades from the Middle East/India and the Far East to Australia, the carriers typically ballast 1-4 days per round-voyage, while the total ballast for a standard dry bulk and a tanker vessel doing the same transportation work would be between 20-30 days.

The collaboration between KCC and Silverstream has resulted in a pioneering solution suitable for any standard tanker and bulk carrier of similar size to KCC’s vessels. The deal highlights Silverstream’s ability to take on complex retrofit projects and underlines the attractiveness of our air lubrication system to a wide range of shipping segments and vessel operations. It also strengthens our ability to be able to serve unique vessel types and positions us perfectly to scale up adoption of our solution in both dry bulk and tanker shipping.

Shipping has precious little time to act on its environmental footprint and proven clean technologies are one of the only ways that owners and operators can get ahead of the curve. We look forward to further scaling our technology across a range of vessel types and fleet sizes in the near future.


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