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25th July 2022


航运清洁技术公司Silverstream Technologies与业界领先的日本贸易公司三井物产株式会社旗下三井物产欧洲公司Mitsui & Co. Europe Plc.与东洋船舶株式会社Orient Marine Company(“东洋船舶”)日前共同宣布,完成签署了一份谅解备忘录。

新的合作伙伴关系将使Silverstream, 三井物产欧洲公司以及东洋船舶三方实现业务合作。其中,东洋船舶株式会社为三井物产株式会社的全资子公司,主要为船舶相关业务提供各项专业服务。根据协议,各方将携手推动Silverstream行业领先的空气润滑技术——Silverstream®系统在日本市场的推广,并重点着眼于帮助亚洲地区船东实现航运脱碳目标。




Silverstream Technologies创始人兼首席执行官Noah Silberschmidt表示:






三井物产欧洲公司Mitsui & Co. Europe Plc成立于1987年,负责管理三井物产株式会社在欧洲市场的业务。作为三井物产在欧洲的业务中心,公司总部位于伦敦市中心,并在欧洲和非洲设有17个办事机构。通过与三井物产全球各运营地点、业务网络和信息源的合作,三井物产欧洲公司以多边方式开展产品销售、全球物流、为重大国际基础设施项目提供融资和股权投资等业务,行业覆盖钢铁产品、矿产和金属资源、基础设施项目、移动出行业务、化工、能源、食品和零售业务以及创新与企业发展。






Silverstream signs MOU with Mitsui and Orient Marine Company

Collaboration aims to promote decarbonisation within the Japanese shipbuilding market and encourage adoption of Silverstream’s air lubrication technology

Clean technology company Silverstream Technologies has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with leading Japanese trading company Mitsui & Co. group (Mitsui & Co. Europe Plc. and Orient Marine Company (“Orient Marine”).

The new partnership will see Silverstream, Mitsui & Co. Europe Plc. and Orient Marine – a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. which provides specialised services for ship-related businesses – work together. The companies will promote uptake of Silverstream’s market-leading air lubrication technology, the Silverstream® System, toward the Japanese market and support mainly Asian shipowners’ efforts to decarbonise.

In recognition of the urgency of the climate emergency, and the necessity to decarbonise and future-proof its domestic shipping sector, Japan has set a target of net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. Additionally, as part of its strategy to strengthen its presence in the international maritime industry, the country is encouraging its shipbuilding industry to design and supply greener vessels. As a result, there is growing recognition within Japan’s shipowning and shipbuilding segments that proven clean technologies such as air lubrication are one of the few immediately available solutions to help advance this goal.

The collaboration with Mitsui & Co. Europe Plc. and Orient Marine will also aim to strengthen Silverstream’s relationships with local Japanese owners, shipyards and design institutions, as well as advance the company’s commercial strategy in the region by securing customer leads and driving opportunity generation. Additionally, the strategic agreement will allow for intelligence and local market knowledge sharing among the three organisations.

Deepening Silverstream's ties into the unique Japanese shipping market, as a subset of the Asian market, will enable even greater momentum and uptake of air lubrication technologies as a decarbonisation solution for shipping.

Noah Silberschmidt, Founder & CEO, Silverstream Technologies, said: “We are very happy to announce our strategic partnership with  Mitsui & Co. Europe Plc. and Orient Marine at what is proving to be a critical moment for Japan’s shipping industry. In an important maritime market like Japan, being able to count on a local industry-leading player who endorses our technology and shares our vision of a more sustainable and efficient industry is extremely valuable.

“We see the Japanese-owned fleet and newbuild segments as an important market for our technology in the near future, and we are optimistic that our new partners at  Mitsui & Co. Europe Plc. and Orient Marine will help to deepen our ties to the country and its key maritime players.”

Naoki Shinohara, Executive Vice President Operating Officer, Orient Marine, said: “Through the collaboration with Silverstream, we aim to contribute to the decarbonisation of the shipping industries.”

About Mitsui & Co. Europe Plc.

Mitsui & Co. Europe Plc (Mitsui Europe), incorporated in 1987, manages the operations in the Europe Bloc of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Its head office is situated in the heart of London, acting as the centre of a network having 17 offices across Europe and Africa. In cooperation with Mitsui & Co.'s global operating locations, network and information resources, Mitsui Europe multilaterally pursues a broad variety of business projects that range from product sales, worldwide logistics, financing and equity investment to major international infrastructure developments, in the following fields: Iron & Steel Products, Mineral & Metal Resources, Infrastructure Projects, Mobility Business, Chemicals, Energy, Foods & Retail Business, Innovation & Corporate Development. For more information, visit

About Orient Marine

 Orient Marine was established in 1988 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. to provide highly specialised services for ship-related business. Orient Marine provides a wide range of services, including chartering and post-fixture support, sale and purchase of secondhand ships, sale of ship equipment, shipbuilding supervision, technical consulting, finance consulting and IT system support. For more information, visit


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