Shell Collaboration

Chief executive: 5% fuel saving conservative estimate

Bunkerworld/ Silverstream Technologies

Air bubble technology’s efficiency proven in trials. Completed sea trials using Silverstream technology, which uses air bubbles to improve hull movement produced averages close to the 5% efficiency target. Read More| Bunkerworld

Bubble Surfing Brings Savings

Shell Trading & Shipping/ Silverstream Technologies

Ships cut fuel use and pollution by using the same techniques that help penguins swim quickly. Penguins release streams of lubricating bubbles from their feathers to help them surge out of the sea. Now shipping engineers and operators are looking for similar ways to reduce friction between ships and sea water, with a system that

Transparency Detail Tied to Clean Technology Uptake

IHS Fairplay

The success of Silverstream’s landmark sea trial with Shell, which was conducted in collaboration with Lloyd’s Register, Dannebrog Rederi, and other partners, has significantly raised the profile of air lubrication as a viable and credible clean technology. Read More

Bubbles Come of Age

ShipInsight/ Silverstream Technologies

With the news this year that Silverstream had at last achieved its objective of retrofitting a tanker with air lubrication and achieved its first commercial sale… ShipInsight takes a look at this innovative fuel saving initiative. Continue reading| ShipInsight Magazine

Bubble Fleet Grows

Hansa International Maritime Journal/ Silverstream Technologies

Das Produkt-Spektrum für mehr Energieeffizienz in der Schifffahrt ist groß. Auch die Luftblasen-Technologie gehört seit einigen Jahren dazu. Continue Reading| HANSA International Maritime Journal

Shell sends ships surfing in search of CO2

Business Green/ Silverstream Technologies

Ships could cut their emissions up to 10 per cent by surfing on air bubbles, trials have indicated. A six-month sea trial saw a system fitted on the 40,000 DWT (deadweight tonne) products tanker MT Amalienborg… Continue reading | Business Green

Shell Confirms Successful Trial Results of Silverstream® System

Shell Shipping Trading, Lloyd's Register, Silverstream Technologies

Dr. Adri Postema, GM Shell Shipping & Maritime Technology; “Our maritime technical experts worked closely with Silverstream Technologies, Lloyd’s Register and a number of other parties to achieve a successful trial of this promising technology.” Read More | Shell Global

Shell Announces Silverstream® System Delivers Significant Energy Savings

Shell Shipping Trading, Lloyd's Register, Silverstream Technologies

Lloyd’s Register verifies sea trials on 40000DWT product tanker… Both Silverstream and Shell believe that a fully optimised system has potential to deliver more than 5% efficiency savings on an ongoing basis. Read More