Oil-Free Screw Blowers Aid Efficient Performance

Variable Speed Driven (VSD) oil-free rotary screw blowers are to play an integral role in an innovative air lubrication system designed to give larger vessels up to 8% in fuel savings. At the heart of Silverstream’s system is the need for reliable air compressor...

Shipping and Global Warming

Julian Parker OBE, Chairman of the Maritime Foundation, looks reducing GHG emissions by the shipping industry in this month’s Seaways journal Several fuel saving innovations promise to produce efficiency gains.  The most promising so far has been the...

Underwater Bubbles Proven to Save Fuel

SILVERSTREAM, a technology firm with a patented system that pushes air bubbles under a ship’s hull, says it has two years of operational data that conclusively proves its system works. Read More

Air Lubrication Tech Achieves 4% Energy Saving

Silverstream Technologies and Shell have confirmed a net efficiency saving of over 4% in fuel consumed following the use of air lubrication technology from Silverstream Technologies. “At Shell, we believe that innovation and technology are key to improving the...

Building credibility for clean technologies

In a conservative industry, green technology suppliers must provide robust proof of performance to encourage market uptake, writes Noah Silberschmidt, CEO of Silverstream Technologies. Read More| The Motorship