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Order YearNo. VesselsOwnerChartererVessel TypeSize (GT, LM, DWT etc.)ShipyardShipyard CountryClassProject TypeStatus
20211Princess CruisesPrincess CruisesCruise Ship142,714 GTPalermoItalyLRRetrofitIn Build
20212Princess CruisesPrincess CruisesCruise Ship175,500 GTFincantieriItalyLRNewbuildIn Build
20216TBCTBCContainer --TBCTBCNewbuildIn Build
20216MSCMSCContainer--Southeast AsiaDNVNewbuildIn Build
20214MSCMSCContainer--Southeast AsiaDNVNewbuildIn Build
20219MSCMSCContainer--Southeast AsiaDNVNewbuildIn Build
20218MSCMSCContainer--Southeast AsiaDNVNewbuildIn Build
20211Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Cruise LinesCruise Ship184,700 GTMeyer WerftGermanyRINANewbuildIn Build
20202FinnlinesFinnlinesRoPax5,000 Lane Meters, 1,100 PXWeihaiChinaRINANewbuildIn Build
20201ValeValeVLOC325,000 DWTYiu Lian DockyardsChinaKRRetrofitIn Service
20206Knutsen O.A.S. Shipping ASShellLNGC174,000 cu.mHSHIKoreaDNV  NewbuildIn Build
20202JPMShellLNGC174,000 cu.mHHIKoreaDNV  NewbuildIn Build
20202Korea LineShellLNGC174,000 cu.mHHIKoreaDNV  NewbuildIn Build
20202JPMShellLNGC174,000 cu.mHHIKoreaDNV  NewbuildIn Build
20201P&O CruisesP&O CruisesCruise Ship184,700 GTMeyer WerftGermanyRINANewbuildIn Build
20201Meiji Shipping Co LtdSTASCO (Shell International Trading & Shipping Co Ltd)LNGC168,000 cu.mSembcorpSingaporeABSRetrofitIn Service
20191Princess CruisesPrincess CruisesCruise Ship115,906 GTSembcorpSingaporeLRRetrofitCommissioning
20193FinnlinesFinnlinesRoRo7800 Lane MetersJinlingChinaRINANewbuildIn Build
20186Grimaldi GroupGrimaldiRoRo7800 Lane MetersJinlingChinaRINANewbuildIn Service
20183Grimaldi GroupGrimaldiRoRo7800 Lane MetersJinlingChinaRINANewbuildIn Build
20161Norwegian Cruise LinesNorwegian Cruise LinesCruise Ship167,725 GTMeyer WerftGermanyDNV GLNewbuildIn Service
20161Princess CruisesPrincess CruisesCruise Ship115,906 GTSembcorpSingaporeLRRetrofitIn Service
20141Dannebrog Rederi ASShellProduct Tanker40,000 DWTFayardDenmarkRINARetrofitIn Service



Methane Patricia Camila

Vessel: Methane Patricia Camila

Vessel Size: 168K LNGC

Owner: Shell

Yard: SHI/Sembawang

Project Type: Retrofit

Class: ABS

Net Savings: 6.6%

Key Dates

  • Order: Jan 2020
  • Retrofitting completed: 24th October 2020
  • Test: Q1 2021


In 2020, Shell committed to a retrofit order of the Silverstream® System onboard the 2010-constructed LNGC carrier Methane Patricia Camila.

This retrofit installation was the first of Silverstream’s growing pipeline of orders in the LNGC segment. LNGCs are particularly suited to install the Silverstream® System because of the high value of the asset and the requirement to transport cargo to its destination quickly, plus their large flat bottom to wetted hull surface area ratio.

On LNGCs, the Silverstream® System can enable an immediately measurable fuel and emissions saving. However, it can also be used to improve the flexibility of the vessel, allowing them to steam faster for the same fuel burn. Finally, the unique configuration and space requirements onboard an LNGC can be adapted around with the air lubrication technology, as it has an extremely low footprint that can integrate with existing rooms and systems.


Throughout this retrofit process, key aims for Shell and Silverstream included:

  • Ensuring the installation could take place during a normal, scheduled dry docking period
  • Foster a bilateral and collaborative approach to the technology’s installation, maintaining transparency and communication throughout
  • Delivering the project on budget
  • Ensuring a robust testing period to fully verify the technology
  • Creating the procedures and documentation to support the Methane Patricia Camila’s crew to smoothly operate the technology.


The System was successfully retrofitted on the 2010-built LNGC during its October 2020 planned dry docking at the Sembcorp Marine Admiralty Shipyard in Singapore.

The project was installed within the planned dry docking period, and was delivered on budget. From design through to installation the System was reviewed and approved by ABS in accordance with their guidance note for Air Lubrication Technology.


Following operational testing of the retrofitted clean technology, Silverstream and Shell’s engineers demonstrated 6.6% net savings generated by the Silverstream® System.

The technology was tested at various vessel speeds during the Methane Patricia Camila’s normal operations, to calculate fuel and emissions savings.

The Silverstream® System onboard the Methane Patricia Camila is now being used while the vessel is in-operation to deliver these fuel and emissions savings.

Eco Valencia & Grimaldi Group Ro-Ro Carriers

Vessel(s): 9 x Grimaldi Green 5th Generation (GG5G) Ro-Ro

Vessel Size: 7800 lane metres; 238 x 34m; 24,000 DWT

Owner: Grimaldi Group

Yard:China Merchants Group (Jinling), China

Project Type: Newbuild

Class: RINA

Net Savings: 5-7% NSP (Net Savings Power)

Key Dates

  • Order: 2018
  • Commissioning: Q2 2020 (Hull 1)
  • Vessel Delivery: Q4 2020 (Hull 1) – 2022 (Hull 9)
  • Performance Test: Q4 2020 (First of Class)


The installation on Eco Valencia is the first System to be commissioned in this series of orders with Grimaldi Group.

In 2018, Silverstream Technologies announced that its Silverstream® System was to be installed on 12 new Grimaldi group hybrid ro-ro vessels to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The GG5G ro-ro carriers are some of the most advanced ship designs currently on the market. The hybrid propulsion system helps them produce zero emissions in port, and the addition of clean technologies, like the Silverstream® System, further positions them as the eco-ships of the future.

The loading capacity of Eco Valencia’s garages is twice that of the largest ro/ro ships currently operated by the Grimaldi Group.

As well as the 9 vessels contracted to be built for Grimaldi Group with the Silverstream® System installed, Silverstream is also installing Systems on Grimaldi Group subsidiary Finnlines’ 3 newbuild GG5G ro-ro vessels and 2 newly ordered ro-pax vessels.


Throughout this project installing Silverstream® Systems on Grimaldi’s GG5G vessels, Grimaldi Group and Silverstream have set several key objectives:

  • Integrate the Silverstream® System as part of a holistic vision of vessel efficiency on the GG5G vessels, dovetailing the technology with other efficiency saving solutions.
  • Support Grimaldi’s ambitions to be a frontrunner in environmental performance.
  • Scale and demonstrate the effectiveness of the Silverstream® System in the ro-ro segment.


The System was installed on the Eco Valencia during its construction at the Chinese shipyard Jinling, located in Nanjing. The vessel was delivered in October 2020.

During the project Silverstream worked closely with the shipyard to ensure the integration of the air lubrication system into the hull went smoothly. This was the first time the shipyard had fitted an ALS so Silverstream’s expert help with design aspects and installation supervision was welcomed by the shipyard which is now installing the system with minimal Silverstream input on the subsequent hulls.

Silverstream was able to manage this installation across its supply chain despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a reflection of the commitment and skills of the team at Silverstream and the strength of our partners, all of which have been vital to ensuring the organisation could continue to support shipowners with their sustainability ambitions.


In March 2021, Silverstream announced that the Silverstream® System had demonstrated significant fuel and emissions savings during testing on Eco Valencia.

Savings figures of 5.1% were measured during initial performance testing, which took place continuously since the Eco Valencia entered service in the Mediterranean. During this process, the Silverstream® System was comprehensively tested at various vessel speeds and in a range of sea states, to calculate and prove fuel and emissions savings.

The recorded savings figure of 5.1% exceeded initial predictions and shows that Grimaldi’s vision to install the Silverstream® System as a fuel and emissions reduction solution has paid off. Subsequent testing has shown savings of up to 7% are being regularly recorded.

“Clean technologies are the best investments I have ever made in my life”

Emanuele Grimaldi, Managing Director, Grimaldi Group – whose GG5G vessels feature our Silverstream® System

Diamond Princess

Vessel: Diamond Princess

Vessel Size: 115,875 GT; 290m

Owner: Carnival Corporation

Operator: Princess Cruises

Yard: Sembcorp, Singapore

Project Type: Retrofit

Class: Lloyd’s Register

Net Savings: 5%+

Key Dates

  • Order: 2016
  • Commissioning: 2017
  • Retrofit Completion: 2017
  • Performance Test: 2017/18


Carnival Corporation chose to retrofit Silverstream’s air lubrication system following an analysis of air lubrication technologies and Silverstream’s proven track-record for delivering tangible reductions in fuel costs and emissions, attained through comprehensive sea-trialling and in-operation data analysis.


As part of this retrofit project, Silverstream and Carnival set several objectives:

  • Successfully retrofit the Silverstream® System onto the Diamond Princess, completing the project in time and on budget.
  • Prove that retrofit clean technologies can support the cruise sector in its sustainability goals.
  • Help to fulfil Carnival Corporation’s goals for improving the efficiency of our fleet through overall operations and innovative solutions.
  • Support Carnival’s ongoing efforts to leverage technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.


Silverstream worked with Carnival Corporation to execute a successful retrofit project onboard the Diamond Princess. This required all of Silverstream’s teams, from naval architects and engineers, to supply chain experts, to work to find how to integrate the technology on the vessel.


The system has been in operation since June 2017, reducing fuel consumption and related CO2 emissions. Final contract trials demonstrated that the original performance expectations were exceeded with net efficiency improvements of over 5% at the design service speed, verified by Lloyd’s Register.

Additionally, data in operation has shown that noise and vibration is reduced when the ALS turned on. Inspections during subsequent scheduled dry dockings has shown the ALS bubbles significantly reduce the marine growth fouling on the hull.

This project underscores Carnival Corporation’s commitment to environmental sustainability, and continues Silverstream’s significant progress in driving the uptake of credible clean technologies amongst ship owners.

“Air lubrication is the single biggest proportion of propulsion load savings – around 5%”

Tom Strang, SVP, Maritime Affairs, Carnival Corporation


“Wärtsilä is pleased to partner with Silverstream Technologies in delivering the Air Lubrication System. We are constantly developing our portfolio of propulsion efficiency solutions to support the decarbonisation of the marine industry. Silverstream’s technology is a great example of innovation that does exactly this.”

Elias Boletis Ph.D., Director, Wärtsilä Propellers and Transmission

 “The successful trial of the Silverstream® System and the CO2 reduction that it generates is an important step in Grimaldi Group’s aim to lead on shipping sustainability. The trials conducted with the ship in fully loaded service showed the air bubbles covering the entire hull bottom. We are looking forward to continuing to work closely with Silverstream to benefit from their technology on more of our market-leading ro-ro vessels.”

Alberto Portolano, Project Manager of AirLub Design and Integration, Grimaldi Group

“Air lubrication is the single biggest proportion of propulsion load savings – around 5%”

Tom Strang, SVP, Maritime Affairs, Carnival Corporation

“It’s simple, it’s clever, it works”

A happy Silverstream customer

“In working closely with Silverstream over the past 12 months, we have seen the real attributes of air lubrication technology and the Silverstream® System, and it was clear that incorporating it into the designs for our newbuild LNG vessels, in conjunction with other measures, would deliver optimum performance. We are confident that these new vessels will set the benchmarks for vessel design and performance in the LNG sector.”

Danping Lou, Chief Technical OfficerHudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding

“Clean technologies are the best investments I have ever made in my life”

Emanuele Grimaldi, Managing Director, Grimaldi Group – whose GG5G vessels feature our Silverstream® System

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