What we stand for, and what we believe in

What’s in a company? What’s in a clean technology?

Silverstream has been tirelessly working for the last ten years to create a truly market-leading clean technology. Why? Because shipping, and those that work within it, are under huge pressure to improve operational efficiencies, reduce fuel costs and become more sustainable. We know it’s not a straightforward challenge, but we also know we can help. It requires a different, and sometimes extreme kind of thinking, and an unrelenting commitment to doing things in the right way, no matter how hard. And it means sticking to a set of values that define what we truly stand for:

At Silverstream, we are:


We are uncompromising in our pursuit of proving the benefits of the Silverstream® System, and we want to help dispel scepticism in shipping’s clean technology market. Our historical commitment to proving the viability of air lubrication, from our pioneering sea trials with Shell, Lloyd’s Register and HVSA, through to today’s commercial installations, is the founding principle of all of our work, from innovation and system creation through to our engineering pedigree.


Shipping’s challenges need bold solutions. We led this charge with a new way of thinking about efficiency, proving to the market that technologies can help an industry beset by rising fuel prices and regulatory uncertainty. We know that our technology is radical. And it gives us our ability to remain flexible and adapt and scale our solution on a fleet-wide basis for some of the industry’s very biggest names. Moreover, we strongly believe that air lubrication will become a standard on newbuild vessels in our industry; radical in design and a ‘new normal’ for sustainable shipping.


By working with the best partners to help the shipping industry improve its efficiency standards and sustainability, we believe that we can have a positive impact on the world. Together, we share in shipping’s journey towards efficiency, helping to prove that innovative ideas, radical thinking and world-class engineering expertise can generate both systemic environmental change, but also unlock profitability through fuel savings.

Our vision: A fully transformed industry that has recognised the power of radical innovation

Our vision is grounded in our passion for the shipping industry, in the power of clean technology, and in the power of radical innovation to help shipping meet the challenges it faces now and into the future. We will continue to help the industry realise, as we see it, a full transformation into a more efficient and sustainable future.

Crucially, we believe that this future is within shipping’s grasp – commercial uptake of the Silverstream® System and other proven and verified clean technology solutions show that the industry is recognising the power and potential of radical thinking in helping it meet its challenges.

So what does this mean? To deliver this progressive kind of future for shipping requires clinical focus, and for Silverstream, always staying true to our values and what we believe in:

To tell the truth without deviation;
To work with the best without compromise;
To set the standard without equal.  

We will always work with the best in the industry to ensure the adoption of our pioneering clean technology. We will do so without compromising on our core values to prove our claims on efficiency savings. In doing so, we will continue to support the industry in creating a new benchmark for clean technology adoption, both through our work with IMO on creating standards for testing, and through our own efforts to work with the best owners, operators and yards to make the Silverstream® System available around the world.